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Japanese Tsunami Victims

The Students at Denwakan Karate would like to express their condolences and their concern for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Sendai Japan. We will be collecting donations from our students and will be contributing whatever we collect to the Japanese Red Cross. Please see one of the Senior Students to make a donation

The Valera Family at a Recent Karate Tournament

As we prepare for our 40th Annual karate tournament on April 18th, I was happy to receive this photo of the entire Valera family. Dalbuin – one of Sensei Kurobane’s students from the early years left Denver to go home to Venezuela. Then, after returning a few years ago, left again, this time for New Orleans. But he still comes back for the tournaments and we look forward to seeing him and his family at this year’s tournament.

Planning for the 40th Anniversary Wa no Kizuna Invitational Karate Tournament

We are all meeting at Jordan Fox’s house to plan for the big event.

We need to update the website and all the contestant registration paperwork. This year, the tournament will be held on Sunday, April 18, 2010.

We are looking for volunteers for the preparations and for the day of the tournament including setup and teardown.

We also need to do some fundraising. One idea is to develop a new book/brochure. Sell ads. Solicit letters of congratulations.

Two New Students in Our Daytime Class

I am enjoying working with two new students in our daytime class.  We have a father and daughter – Dennis and Chelsea.  Chelsea has a little experience with Shodokan Karate.  I don’t think Dennis has any experience, but he is relaxed and seems to be catching on quickly.


Looking forward to a good karate workout this afternoon.

Sparring and Timing Practice

On Friday, we had a really good workout.  Only three people were there, but we all left drenched in sweat and smiling.

We spent the last 40 minutes playing a “monkey in the middle” sparring game.  One of us would be in the middle while the other two took turns attacking.  We used simple attacks so the guy in the middle could work on counterattacks and timing.  We rotated among the three of us – about three minutes each in the middle and then switched.

It was exhausting, but really rewarding.  Even though we were tired, by the end, our counterattacks – whether kicks or punches had really improved.

I look forward to more kumite and timing practice this coming week.

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